Mission Statement

We are a non-profit organization whose members and donors are committed to providing immediate assistance to families whose lives have been touched by cancer. Through our fundraising efforts and the support of our volunteers, we hope to improve lives and make a difference.

About Girlfriends AGAINST Cancer


Girlfriends Against Cancer started as a group of friends who wanted to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Our original goal was to form a team to participate in various walks. We quickly realized that our power to make a difference was greater than we could have ever anticipated. Today, we are proud to have over 1,000 supporters and volunteers working hard to raise money and awareness about cancer and related diseases. Our hope is that we will continue to grow and improve lives.

Board of Directors

These fearless leaders are responsible for planning, organizing, and hosting each fundraising event and team project. While Girlfriends AGAINST Cancer has many dedicated, passionate, and generous members, these ladies are the core of this organization. Their generosity and supportive spirit have helped create one of the leading non-profit groups in the fight against cancer.