Dani Romandi


Dani Romandi



Dani’s organizational skills and creativity have helped shape the success of Girlfriends AGAINST Cancer. As the original creator of the organization, she works tirelessly to partner with local businesses and non-profit groups in an effort to promote our mission.

“Being a part of GAC is simple for me. I lost my godfather when I was young, and I realized what a big impact his struggle with cancer was for me. Over the years I have lost many loved ones and I’ve also seen many friends and family thrive from winning their fight against cancer. To me, if GAC can help one patient smile, feel loved or cared for, then I feel like our mission has been complete. We are so hopeful for a cure for cancer, but in the meantime, it’s about making those with cancer feel comfortable and supported during this difficult time. I can only hope that in the end, what we do with GAC is looked upon as a positive step in the right direction towards showing compassion to those who are in a time of need.”