Girlfriends AGAINST Cancer began as a way for us to celebrate our loved ones, both survivors and those whose memory we honor each day. Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to work with many more families and their loved ones.

To all of our survivors and to those whose memories we honor, thank you for being our biggest inspiration. You are truly our Heroes!

Isabella is a beautiful three year-old little girl, who was born with Down Syndrome. At age 2, Isabella was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. In the first 8 months of her treatment, she underwent six back-to-back rounds of in-hospital chemotherapy. We are happy to report that Isabella is currently in full remission and has an excellent prognosis!

In Fall 2010, after noticing issues with her right breast, Connie went to a breast surgeon to have a biopsy taken. She was diagnosed with Paget’s disease, and two small tumors were found in her right breast. The cancer was said to be invasive and aggressive, so Connie opted to have a mastectomy. However, when Connie went in for reconstructive surgery, the cancer had reached her lymph nodes. While there were no tumors found, she must undergo chemotherapy for the next year. Connie lives in New Jersey with her family, and we wish her the best in her treatments and recovery.

Jeannine was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer in January 2011. She underwent three rounds of chemotherapy, but doctors found them to be ineffective. Tragically, a mere two and a half months after treatment, Jeannine lost her battle with cancer. Jeannine was a loving wife to her husband, Darrell, whom we are proud to support today.

Teary Moore – Breast Cancer Survivor & G.A.C. Supporter

Brandon Diaz – Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor & G.A.C. Supporter

Patti Nelson – Inflammatory Breast Cancer & G.A.C. Friend

Evan Gabor – Diagnosed w/ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia G.A.C. Supporter & LLS Honored Hero. Check out http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/evangabor.

Monika Corr – Thyroid Cancer Survivor & G.A.C. Supporter

Cody Badalato – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. G.A.C. Family Member. www.codybadalato.com.

Savannah Lee Sachen – Cardiac Sarcoma. We’re proud to support Savannah’s Organic Ranch. Check out www.savannahsorganicranch.com.

Mark Kiefer – Hodgkins Lymphoma & G.A.C. Family Member

Randy Veralrud – Brain Cancer & G.A.C. Family Member

Rex Moore